“He Looked 8 Feet Tall”: WWE Hall Of Famer On Andre The Giant’s True Height

WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zbyszko added his voice to the enduring debate over the true height of wrestling legend Andre the Giant.

In an interview with “Wrestling Shoot Interviews,” Zbyszko offered his perspective on a topic that has fascinated wrestling fans for decades. Zbyszko suggested that Andre the Giant might not have been as tall as his mythical billing in the wrestling world, but still an imposing figure.

He was at least a good 7 feet, 7’1, he might not have been 7’4. But 7’1, 7’2, and he had an afro that was a foot high so he probably looked 8 feet tall when you walked by him.

Zbyszko remarked. This assessment provides a nuanced take on Andre’s height, balancing the legend with more grounded observations.

Adding to the mystique, Zbyszko shared a memorable anecdote about travelling with Andre, highlighting the remarkable reactions the giant would elicit from onlookers. He vividly described their airport encounters, painting a picture of the awe and curiosity Andre inspired in the public.

When you walked into the airport and Andre would be walking down the airport to the next gate and I’d walk behind Andre, and it was funny because people would be walking towards Andre but they would never stop and look at him and Andre would keep walking, but as soon as Andre passed them everybody would stop and turn around.

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