“Hate” Stopping AEW Booking Certain Matches

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Hatred between two rival promotions could get in Tony Khan’s way in AEW.

AEW raised eyebrows when it was announced that CMLL star Mistico was set to debut in the promotion on the 20th of October edition of Rampage against Rocky Romero. CMLL also released a statement noting that they were keen to explore opportunities together with AEW. The reason this caught most by surprise is due to AAA’s relationship with AEW, and the two Mexican promotions do not get along.

CMLL’s own relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling is the reason that Mexican AAA-affiliated stars such as Andrade El Idolo, Penta El Zero Miedo, or Rey Fenix have not appeared on Forbidden Door. And despite the AEW situation, it doesn’t look like things will change too much in that regard.

CMLL & AAA not likely to work together despite AEW deal

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that this is more than a one-time deal between CMLL and AEW to have Mistico on the show but warns not to expect CMLL and AAA stars to meet in Tony Khan’s ring or even be on the same card as each other:

“This is not just Mistico coming to AEW, this is the beginning of a relationship. CMLL sent out a release talking about the start of the partnership with AEW. And it’s a real tricky thing because AEW’s working with AAA and CMLL, and AAA and CMLL hate each other. The guys will not be able to work in the same match, that will not happen.

“They’re probably gonna have guys on the same card, which, CMLL hates that. I think AAA will live with that and AAA’s not gonna do anything to jeopardize the relationship with AEW anyway, but CMLL – it will be interesting because they hate AAA and they don’t want their guys around AAA wrestlers.

“Like if Mistico comes in there and does really well and you think, ‘Boy, he could have a great match with Rey Fenix’ – that one’s not happening. Or Andrade, or Rush, any of those guys, off limits. He can work with the Americans, but he ain’t gonna be able to work with anyone who is Mexican who last worked with AAA, even if they haven’t worked with AAA, like Andrade, for a couple of years.

“He still won’t be allowed to work with them, and nor will any of the CMLL talent be allowed.”

AAA star Penta El Zero Miedo is scheduled to work on the same night as Mistico but Penta will be part of the live Dynamite show against Jay White while Mistico’s match will be taped to air on the following Friday.

h/t WrestleTalk