“Hangman” Adam Page Always Welcomes Feedback

Adam Page makes entrance

“Hangman” Adam Page is trying to fix his image after a previous public comment of his ignited a firestorm that led to serious problems backstage in AEW.

For those that might not be aware, Adam Page was one of CM Punk’s targets in his now-famous post-match media scrum appearance at All Out 2022. During that scrum, Punk chastised Page for previous comments of his whereby he stated that he didn’t take criticism or feedback from other wrestlers or wrestling veterans.

To reiterate, these were not Punk putting words in Adam Page’s mouth. He is on record having stated that he considers himself to be stubborn and doesn’t take advice.

And even though much of the discussion surrounding All Out 2022 has somewhat died down, discussion around Adam Page’s comments has not. As a result, Hangman took to Instagram to try and clarify what he meant with his original comments and hopefully put to rest the false stories and rumors circulating about him.

“The reports that I ‘don’t take advice’ have been greatly exaggerated, perhaps by no one more so than me. Advice and feedback, particularly from those who have come before, have always been and always will be welcomed and appreciate.

My self-deprecating and dry insistence otherwise just comes from a place of being more personally interested in wrestling as an art than a sport. It would’ve been hollow for Picasso to try to paint a Mona Lisa.

I kinda thought I’d have been asked about it by now and could’ve clarified. I just wouldn’t want any of the older generation, especially those whose work with us is vital and unknown to fans, to feel that their wisdom is dismissed.”

An image of Hangman’s post can be seen below.