WWE Hall Of Famer Suggests How Roman Reigns Could Turn Face Again

Roman Reigns with Paul Heyman

One wrestling personality with experience dealing with world champions thinks he has a solution for Roman Reigns’ uncertain future.

Roman Reigns has been at his best since his return in 2020. He has been unstoppable as a wrestler, dominant as a character, and consistent as a draw. He has also been seen as a heel, or villain, and some people have started wondering where does Reigns go once WrestleMania 39 ends.

Win or lose, does Reigns remain the same? Does he undergo a sudden an unexpected character transformation? Or does his match at WrestleMania begin some slow turn that will conclude somewhere down the road?

Any of these things could happen in WWE. But one person who has his own take on Reigns’ future is Eric Bischoff. The Hall of Famer has firsthand experience dealing with long-term storylines involving world champions, as seen with his direct involvement in the Sting vs. NWO feud that had a year-and-a-half of build.

On an episode of Strictly Business, Eric Bischoff explained what he envisions as the next storyline for Roman Reigns, which concludes with Reigns turning face for the first time in years.

“Roman walks out of that story. He lost his family, he lost everything around him. He packs up his bags, he walks out of that arena like a man who has lost his soul.

“The camera catches just a glimpse of a tear in his eye cause he realizes for the first time he f*cked up and he goes away and makes a movie, maybe two … then it’s an uphill battle for the next twelve months, you see gradually, very gradually, painfully to himself, wins back the hearts and minds of the very people he betrayed.”

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription