Legendary Wrestling Tough-Guy Haku Cracks Up Watching Infamous Botch

Tougher Than Haku?: The Actor This Former WWE Tag Team Champion Would Not Want To Mess With

Haku shows his softer side.

During his career, Haku was known for many things, but his light-hearted sense of fun wasn’t one of them. The legend is remembered for his no-nonsense approach inside the ring but feared for his reputation outside of it.

The star, who was also known as Meng, is often cited as one of the toughest men to ever step into the industry and was never shy about putting people in their place. In one famous incident he bit a man’s nose off who claimed wrestling was “fake,” and he never met a fight he didn’t want to be part of.

Back in 2018, Haku attempted to justify his numerous scrapes, claiming he was just protecting the business. However, it seems he also has a softer side.

In a clip shared by Dark Side of the Ring, the veteran is shown the infamous debut of The Shockmaster in WCW. In arguably the most famous wrestling blooper of all time, Fred Ottman fell through a wall after stumbling over a piece of wood, sending his helmet flying across the set.

In the video, Haku is shown the infamous debut after he said that he’d never seen it. The end result was a belly laugh for the ages.

When Did Haku Wrestle?

Haku began his career back in 1978 with All Japan Pro Wrestling. However, things went to a new level in 1985 when he joined the WWF, becoming one-half of The Islanders a year later. The star stayed with the company until heading to Mexico and back to Japan in 1992.

Two years later, the fearsome star headed to WCW, taking on the name Meng. However, he was back with WWE in 2001, but after a somewhat underwhelming run, he left again in March 2002.

Despite being well into his 60s, the veteran continues to make occasional in-ring appearances on the independent scene.