GUNTHER Praises WWE Star For “Very Physical” Style Of Matches

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The Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER had some kind words to say about a recent opponent from the WWE Raw brand.

When the WWE Draft took place over one month ago, the Imperium trio of Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER, Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci went from Smackdown to Raw.

That also meant that GUNTHER’s legendary IC Title reign, which has surpassed one year in length, has moved over to the Raw brand as well.

Since being on Raw, Imperium has had some issues with the Undisputed WWE (Raw & Smackdown) Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn.

On the June 5th edition of Raw, GUNTHER faced Owens in a singles match that was absolutely outstanding with GUNTHER picking up the big win after about 17 minutes. This past Monday on the June 12th edition of Raw, GUNTHER & Ludwig Kaiser failed to take the Tag Team Titles from Owens & Zayn in yet another great match.

During an interview with Steve Fall of Wrestlingnewsco, GUNTHER talked about his chemistry with Owens and why the fans seem to enjoy those matches.

“He seems to have some temper issues for some reason. I don’t know exactly what’s going on there. Overall, though, to get in the ring and have a singles match with him was really good. I think the energy he brings to the ring is a very good match for the energy I bring to the ring. It’s a very good contrast.”

“I think if you visually look at us, people can really relate with someone standing up to a bully and not taking anything from him. I think that’s why people connected with that match and story in a very authentic way. Besides all of that, he’s been here for so long and has achieved a lot of great things. I really enjoyed being in the ring with him. He’s very intense. Very physical, as well. I like when my matches are — I’m not a believer that matches need to be crisp and beautiful all the time.”

“The best matches are quite scrappy, if that makes sense? If it’s not beautiful, if it’s intense and brutal and very physical, I think that’s what people can relate to the most. I think that’s why we got the reaction to it we got.”

Currently, GUNTHER is not scheduled for a match at WWE Money in the Bank on July 1st, but he has been feuding with Matt Riddle of late, so perhaps that match will be made official soon.

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