GUNTHER Reveals If Imperium Will Add More Wrestlers To The Group

Gunther with Imperium on WWE Raw

GUNTHER has given his thoughts on if his group Imperium needs to add more wrestlers to the successful stable.

For over one year now, GUNTHER has been arguably the most dominant Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. When GUNTHER joined the WWE main roster in April 2022, Ludwig Kaiser was right by his side and in September, Giovanni Vinci re-joined the group.

The history of Imperium in WWE goes back to 2019 with GUNTHER (then known as WALTER) leading the group on the WWE NXT UK brand. Ludwig Kaiser was known as Marcel Barthel while Giovanni Vinci was Fabian Aichner. They also had a fourth member of the group named Alexander Wolfe as well.

While WWE is full of stables these days, Imperium appears to be a rock-solid trio that works so well together. GUNTHER and Kaiser may have lost against Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn on Raw this past Monday, but as long as GUNTHER keeps holding that Intercontinental Title, the group is always going to be a factor.

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During an interview with WrestlingNewsco, GUNTHER was asked if Imperium will be adding more wrestlers to the group.

“We get that question asked quite a lot to be honest, and I always have to give the answer, no, I think it’s perfect how it is. I’m a big believer in never change a running system. I think too much in and outs can water a group down a little bit, if that makes sense. I think yeah, we’re all together for a reason. Nothing’s random there.”

“We all are tightly connected in our private life too, especially with Kaiser. Our careers went the same way since we started and there’s a history of that group for a long time before WWE. So it’s something that was just authentically there. As of right now, I feel like it’s good how it is.”

While nothing is official yet, it appears as thought GUNTHER will likely defend the Intercontinental Title against Matt Riddle soon based on their recent interactions. Considering the Imperium leader is one of the best European wrestlers alive and Money in the Bank is in London, England on July 1st, perhaps that will be the right setting for their IC Title matchup.

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Former Imperium member Alexander Wolfe has expressed an interest in making a return to the company.