Grayson Waller Comments On WWE Smackdown Debut Match

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Grayson Waller failed to win his Smackdown debut match, but the cocky Australian superstar is excited about the future.

It was a busy night for Grayson Waller on the July 7th edition of Smackdown in New York City. For the first time since being drafted to Smackdown two months ago, Waller competed in a match on television.

The reason this was Waller’s first match is that he suffered a broken leg in his last NXT match, which was back in April. Waller was cleared to compete recently, so it was no surprise when his Grayson Waller Effect talk show with Edge led to a match announcement by the Rated R Superstar.

Waller’s match with Edge was a competitive battle between the WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who recently celebrated 25 years since his WWE debut, and Waller, who at 33 years old is just getting started in his WWE career. The finish of the match saw Waller go for a leap into the ring leading to a Stunner, but Edge countered it with a Spear and pinned the brash Australian.

July has been a busy month for Waller already since he interrupted a John Cena promo at Money in the Bank last Saturday. While Cena was telling the England fans that he wanted WrestleMania to come to England, Waller trashed England and ended up eating an Attitude Adjustment from Cena to end the segment.

In a post match interview with the WWE digital team on YouTube, Grayson Waller made it clear that this is only just the beginning of his career in WWE.

“I guess you could say this was a pretty crazy week for Grayson Waller. A week ago, I have global megastar Logan Paul on my show. Then I’m the O2 Arena, sold-out, with John Cena, and then I cap it off with my debut on the main roster, on Friday Night SmackDown, and I wrestle Hall of Famer Edge.”

“For any other wrestler, they could retire happy. This is as good as it feels. How is Grayson Waller feeling right now? I’m feeling pretty damn bad. Because whether or not I hung with Edge, it doesn’t matter because I just lost. But that’s okay because what was that he said to me? He said, ‘Sink of swim.’ Well, I’m pretty damn sure Grayson Waller just swam, and this is just the beginning.”

It seems pretty clear that WWE has high expectations for Grayson Waller since he’s interacted with legends like Edge and John Cena in back to back weeks. Waller will likely pick up his first Smackdown win very soon.

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