Grayson Waller On Why He Needs To Be NXT Champion

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When it comes to the NXT Championship, Grayson Waller believes he is the man that should be holding it, not Bron Breakker.

The WWE NXT Championship will be on the line later this evening at Vengeance Day when champion Bron Breakker faces the confident challenger Grayson Waller. It won’t just be any match because they will be having a Steel Cage Match.

This will be the second time Breakker defends the title against Waller since they had a match NXT New Year’s Evil on January 10th. That match was called off after the middle rope broke twice (it was planned for the match) and the match was thrown out. Waller claimed that he was going to win while Breakker didn’t believe that.

Following the controversial ending to their last NXT Title match, NXT’s matchmaker Shawn Michaels told them there will be no questions after their next match at Vengeance Day inside a Steel Cage.

In an interview with Steve Fall’s Ten Count, the cocky Australian Grayson Waller talked about his mindset going into the biggest match of his life.

“This is hands down the biggest match I’ve ever had, and I’ve had some big ones. I was in WarGames, I got to wrestle AJ Styles, Stand and Deliver ladder match, Apollo Crews, like, I’ve had a lot of big ones, but this is as big as it gets. This is the NXT Championship. This is the biggest prize, and if you think of some of the guys who have held this championship, like there’s a lot of lineage to it.”

“Then thinking about NXT itself, February we’re in Charlotte. Then in March, we’re going to the Staples Center. We’re doing huge shows. We’re going back on the road. I need to be NXT champion because if I’m NXT champion, that means I’m in the main event. That means I’m on the poster. That means most people are seeing me and I think that’s what NXT needs as well.”

As he continued, Grayson Waller trashed Bron Breakker for not working as hard as him in terms of promoting the NXT brand.

“Have you ever seen any social media? He retweets what NXT puts up. He puts out one photo every three months on his Instagram. I don’t know if he doesn’t have Wi-Fi because he’s this country bumpkin or something, but he doesn’t promote what we do. I work for this brand seven days a week. Bron Breakker works for this brand two hours on a Tuesday. There’s different levels to this game and that’s why I’m a Superstar. He’s a wrestler.”

Whether Grayson Waller can be WWE NXT Champion is up to him. NXT Vengeance Day takes place tonight, February 4th, on Peacock and WWE Network.

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