Goldberg Says Bobby Lashley Is Not A Good Representative Of WWE

Goldberg Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley’s challenger at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship Goldberg has laid bare exactly how he feels The All Mighty one has carried himself as champion.

Former WCW Champion Goldberg returned to WWE in July where he confronted Lashley after the WWE Champion had made short work of Keith Lee. Goldberg left Lashley in no doubt what he was there for, telling the champion that he was next.

The WWE Hall Of Famer was quickly confirmed as Lashley’s challenger for SummerSlam in Las Vegas, Nevada in what will be his first match in WWE since the 2021 Royal Rumble where he failed to dethrone Drew McIntyre for the same title.

Speaking to WWE India Goldberg made clear his feelings on Lashley and how he feels the WWE Champion has represented the title and the company:

“I don’t come back and choose the people I’m going to go after. If I could have come back and chosen one person to go after, it would have been Bobby Lashley. There is a way you should represent the championship title and I don’t believe he’s been doing it properly. He’s very callous. In this match, my name should not be Goldberg, it should be karma. He deserves a lot of things coming to him and I will hopefully be the guy who delivers that.”

“Bobby Lashley poses a very big threat. There are few people who can match up to him physically and mentally. I still think I’m one of them. At 53 years old, as I told him, it doesn’t matter if I’m 25, 35, 55, or 105, I’m bringing some pain with me. The people he’s run over in the past are nothing like me. I’m gonna bring something to the fight that I don’t think he’s ever seen.”

Goldberg is advertised to appear on the last Raw before SummerSlam on the 16th of August as the red brand emanates from San Antonio, Texas.

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