Goldberg Reveals Why He’s Not Retired Yet


Goldberg is one of wrestling’s most polarising stars but after two years of inactivity, the WWE Hall of Famer won’t rule out a return.

For some Goldberg was a phenomenon. A wrecking ball wreaking havoc in WCW on his way to a WCW World Title win for the ages against Hollywood Hulk Hogan. To others, Goldberg was unrefined in the ring and his lack of in-ring skills were compensated by being in the right place at the right time with WCW on fire in 1997 and 1998. And to Bret Hart, Goldberg is one of the worst things to happen to wrestling.

The last time Goldberg laced up his boots in anger was back at the Elimination Chamber in 2022 when Roman Reigns defeated the star to retain the Universal Championship. But now he’s explained why that doesn’t mean he’s definitely called it quits.

Goldberg Says Pro Wrestlers Never Retire

Speaking on the Drinkin’ Bros. podcast, Goldberg was asked about returning to the ring and says as a pro wrestler, you only retire when you’re dead:

When you’re a professional wrestler by trade, you never retire until you’re dead. I’ve been asked a couple of times, but it’s hard to break me away. I’ve been hanging on the sidelines for four years with my son. My wife and I moved here for the sole reason of watching our son grow up in an unbelievable surrounding and it’s been fabulous.

Living out that script for the last four years, me not having to go back and forth to Hollywood and do anything and be able to set our time aside because he plays baseball, he plays football, so we’ve just been parents for four years and it’s just been the best part of my life. It’s awesome.

Goldberg recently caused a storm with his comments about WWE’s Asuka after he said that the company had “some Japanese girl” break his undefeated streak.