Goldberg Reveals When His WWE Deal Expires


WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has lifted the lid on just how long he has left on his current WWE contract as he recalls being told not to headbutt doors anymore.

Goldberg made his name as an all-conquering hero in WCW, amassing a winning streak of 173-0 on his way to becoming the undefeated WCW World Champion when he defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan in 1998.

When WCW closed its doors in 2001, the former Atlanta Falcon bided his time before he joined WWE, only entering the company in 2003 with a classic feud against The Rock. Goldberg’s time in WWE proved to be brief as he left the company one year after he joined following his infamous WrestleMania 20 clash with Brock Lesnar.

To the surprise of many Goldberg returned to WWE in 2016 and reignited his rivalry with Lesnar, defeating The Beast Incarnate at that year’s Survivor Series in very short order. Since that return, Goldberg has competed on another 11 occasions for the company, capturing the Universal Championship on two occasions.

During an appearance on the Roman Atwood podcast, the star detailed how Stephanie McMahon asked him to stop headbutting doors during his pre-match ritual after knocking himself out before a massive bout against The Undertaker. He also added that his current WWE deal is up very soon:

“I mean, I’ve gotten hurt — I’ve knocked myself out on the way to the ring to wrestle The Undertaker headbutting a door, knocked me out. But that was me at 50 trying to be Goldberg at 30, forgetting his routine, and realizing his age, and WHAM! I headbutt doors before I go out. I have a routine. I headbutt the door and then I’ll pour water on myself.”

“Stephanie McMahon, and Stephanie, if you’re listening to this, my contract ends in two months, so don’t hold this against me. Stephanie came up to me backstage one night, and she said, ‘I heard you’ve been headbutting the doors.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s how I gotta be me.’ She goes, ‘I don’t want you headbutting any more doors.'”

h/t Fightful