Goldberg Reveals Number Of Matches Remaining On WWE Contract

Goldberg yells during his entrance

Goldberg has divulged how many matches he has left to compete in as part of his current WWE deal ahead of his SummerSlam bout with Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship.

Since returning to wrestling in 2016 after a twelve-year hiatus from wrestling, Goldberg has competed in nine matches for WWE with his SummerSlam contest with Lashley set to be his tenth.

His last match came at the beginning of the year at the 2021 Royal Rumble where he unsuccessfully challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, the WWE Hall Of Famer was asked about another headline match set to take place at SummerSlam between John Cena and Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title. Goldberg was asked if he was Team Cena or Team Reigns, his answer should surprise nobody:

“I’m team neither one of them. Neither one has stared across the ring and seen me as an opponent. So, I look at both of them the same: they’re just future victims. I’m a fan of both of them for what they’ve done, individually. What Roman has done for the past few years has been unbelievable. I think it’s fantastic. Paul Heyman has a lot to do with that. I’d love to have a piece of Roman Reigns. I think more so I’d love to get my hands around Cena. But it’s wishful thinking. We’ll see.”

During the interview, Goldberg also shared how many matches he has left as part of his current WWE contract – just enough to get his hands on both men:

“Hey, I’ve only got two more matches on my deal here, so we’ll see what happens.”

That likely means Goldberg has two matches coming in 2022 and then after that, his deal is over. At 54 years old, he may choose to retire for good after those next two matches.

Should the former WCW Champion unseat Lashley at SummerSlam it will mark his first reign as WWE Champion and he will also become the oldest WWE Champion of all time. Goldberg has held the World Heavyweight Title and Universal Title during his WWE career, but not the WWE Title.

The evergreen Goldberg continues to prove that age is no barrier to success for him and Cena and Reigns might want to keep their head on a swivel or they might just be next.

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription