Goldberg Retirement Shows May Feature Other Legends

Goldberg WWE

There are some other big wrestling names that could be a part of Bill Goldberg’s retirement shows in Isreal if they actually happen.

It is well known by this point that while WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg may never wrestle in a WWE ring again, he does plan to have a farewell match.

A former wrestling promoter Rick Bassman spoke in May about how he was assisting in setting up a show in Jerusalem, Israel in September with the former NFL player being a part of it and he also mentioned Sting. Goldberg is Jewish, so he would likely draw very well in Isreal for that reason and his tenure as one of the biggest wrestling stars ever.

While no show has officially been announced, it will likely be part of some retirement tour or maybe just one show by itself. At 56 years old, Goldberg is still in good shape, but his body likely doesn’t have that many bumps left in it.

It was reported by Fightful Select that a company from Israel is hoping to get Goldberg for a match. In addition to him, they are hoping to land some other big names:

* WWE & TNA Hall of Famer Sting

* WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam

* John Morrison

* Chris Masters

There would obviously need to be more people to fill out a card, but it seems as though the wheels are in motion for some kind of major show in Israel with Goldberg having a big role in it.

During his professional wrestling career, Bill Goldberg was a three-time World Champion in WWE and one-time in WCW, which is where he really became a big name in the business of pro wrestling.

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