Goldberg Sends Love To Bret Hart, Tells Him To Grow Up

December 7th - On This Day In Wrestling History Goldberg and Bret Hart

Goldberg wants Bret Hart to move on.

At Starrcade 1999, Bret Hart’s wrestling career was effectively ended by a kick to the head from Goldberg. Although The Hitman wrestled on a handful more occasions, he knew his days were numbered and a legendary career ended with something of a whimper.

In the decades since the accident, Hart has held nothing back when it comes to his former rival, repeatedly blasting him in the media for being unsafe and causing him to miss out on millions of dollars in potential earnings.

During a recent episode of the new documentary Who Killed WCW? both men commented on the incident, with Bret Hart reiterating that Goldberg was dangerous in the ring, claiming the star “kicked me as hard as he could.”

Goldberg “Saddened” By Bret Hart Situation

Goldberg has now responded to the comments during an appearance on Busted Open Radio. The WWE Hall of Famer said he loves Hart, but joked he’d like to be left alone.

“The Bret Hart thing, it just saddens me as a human being. That’s all. First and foremost, I would never wish ill will upon any opponent or anyone like that. To have an accident like that happen and end someone’s career, especially someone who’s one of the best that ever was, 100%, it sucks. I’m not asking anybody to understand, I’m just saying, just leave me alone, dude. [Laughs],”

He went on to confirm he’d warned Hart the kick was coming during the match, telling him to “grow up.”

“Yes sir, 100%. Put your hand up. Do whatever you gotta do. It is what it is. Come on, man. I love you, Bret. Don’t be such a prick. That’s all. Grow up,”

When asked what would happen if he bumped into The Hitman, Goldberg said his instinct would be to fight him, but he’s too old to be getting into those situations. On a more serious note, he suggested that while it’s easy for him to say, he’d like to think both men could move on.

“I’ve always said I was gonna kill him, but you know me, dude. I can’t do that. I love the guy. He’s an icon. Just get over it. That’s all. I’m sorry. What do you want me to do? As a human being, it saddens me that he can’t come to grips with…it sucks. It was more than an accident. It sucks. It just sucks. But I’m not gonna be a victim of it [laughs], not anymore. I feel bad, but it’s not gonna draw me down and be a negative in my life by any stretch. It just is what it is.

If it comes up and I see Bret, my natural reaction is gonna be to headbutt him. But I’m a 57-year-old man, dude. I can’t go around and do stuff like that anymore. That’s just an emotional reaction. It’s like having a beef with [Ric] Flair at this age. Really? What are you gonna do? Come on, please. I love you, you’re an icon. Let’s move on. But it’s easy for me to say move on when it’s not me and it didn’t end my career. So next question,”

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