George Kittle Comments On His WrestleMania 39 Experience

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After assisting Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 39, George Kittle has reacted to what it was like to take out The Miz on the grandest stage of them all.

Anybody that follows WWE and the NFL regularly knows that George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers is a huge pro wrestling fan. When he gets a first down while playing Tight End for the 49ers, he usually does a hand motion he copied from Penta El Zero Miedo, who works for AEW these days.

Personality-wise, the 29-year-old Kittle is a natural fit for pro wrestling as a fun-loving that’s very entertaining when it comes to interviews. Considering he is 6’4″ and 250 pounds as well, he would probably make a great pro wrestler whenever he decides to stop playing football.

At WrestleMania 39 Saturday last week, George Kittle was sitting in the front row. Kittle was involved in an impromptu match between Pat McAfee and The Miz after The Miz shoved him. That led to Kittle dropping Miz with an impressive clothesline while on the floor. The referee never saw it, so there was not a disqualification. McAfee, who is a former NFL punter, beat The Miz in just under four minutes.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, George Kittle talked about how it felt to be part of a WWE event like WrestleMania.

“It was a wonderful experience. WWE is one of the coolest companies I’ve ever done anything with. Their hospitality is above and beyond; they just treat everybody so well. The shows they put on are amazing. WrestleMania is one of the coolest experiences; if you’ve never been to WrestleMania if you don’t even watch wrestling, WrestleMania is an incredible experience. You got to do it at least once; it’s nuts. So that part was awesome.

As he continued, George Kittle spoke about how he wasn’t going to let The Miz shove him and get away with it.

“Me and Pat talked a little bit yesterday; I’ve been pestering him for a while about wanting to get in the ring. Help them out if he needed anything, just letting him know that hey, I have your back. If anything happens and he shot me a text last week that said, ‘Hey, I might need your help at WrestleMania. I might not; I’m not sure; just be ready.’”

“So I’ve been wearing that black tank top you’re about to see for about two weeks just in preparation. Just in case something happened in the middle of the day workout-wise, and then I had my opportunity because The Miz decided to mouth off. Thought he was tough enough to push me out of my chair. My wife said, ‘Hey, go in there and kick his ass,’ and I’m not gonna let my wife down, so I had to go on there and back up my guy Pat.”

H/T Wrestlezone