FTR Explains Staying With AEW Instead Of Leaving For WWE

ftr dax harwood cash wheeler

In the weeks and months leading up to WrestleMania, many fans believed that FTR were done with AEW and were looking to sign with WWE.

Curiosity around this peaked this past week on Dynamite in a tag team title match whereby, if FTR lost, they would have to leave AEW forever. But instead of losing and moving on to another company, FTR won the titles from The Gunns and have confirmed that they’re staying in AEW.

With this big win, some have wondered about the circumstances around Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler staying put. To clear the air about this situation, FTR spoke to SEScoops and explained what factors led to their decision.

According to the interview, this wasn’t a case of the duo strong-arming Tony Khan with an ultimatum.

Instead, FTR chose to stay where they are because AEW could offer them two things that they were confident that they wouldn’t get in WWE.

“In comparing their primary options of remaining with AEW or returning to WWE, the guys decided that AEW would offer them a chance to spend more time with their families. They also felt AEW would allow them to ‘give back’ more to the sport they love.”