FTR Dismiss “Childish” CM Punk Reports


FTR have hit out at recent reports surrounding the former AEW World Champion CM Punk, labelling the rumours surrounding Punk as “childish.”

AAA, ROH, and IWGP Tag Team Champions FTR have shown themselves as allies of CM Punk in recent months, both on AEW television and behind the scenes.

Punk has been the subject of recent reports suggesting that he was less than happy in AEW after he laid into Hangman Adam Page with unscripted comments on Dynamite.

Speaking on DAZN’s The Walkway To Fight Club show, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler discussed the situation regarding CM Punk with Wheeler saying the past may be tainting people’s perceptions of Punk:

“I think it’s a lot of things from the past, honestly. I think there’s a lot of old grudges, there’s a lot of old biases, and I think there’s a lot of unresolved issues that are kind of tainting how people react to him now.”

“I know there’s underlying animosity once you’re in wrestling for so long and especially at the top. There’s gonna be guys that don’t get along because you’re all vying for the same thing, you want the same title, egos are gonna hit. It’s inevitable.”

“Anything to the contrary I think it’s uneducated to go off of it. He’s not gonna give it that much time of day and that much notoriety because it doesn’t deserve it. But I will say, there’s two sides to every story, somewhere in the middle that’s the truth. He’s been nothing but a great person.”

“He’s been nothing but a great person, a great mentor to a lot of guys there, somebody who wants the best for the company. That’s why he’s wanting the biggest houses, the biggest gates, and the most fans in the arena.”

“I think it’s just going to be one of those things where time will tell. Over time, you’ll see that he has been well-meaning, he has been doing some good stuff, and like I said, anything to the contrary is, in my opinion, just people being childish and behaving like middle-schoolers.”

Dax Harwood then explained how much of a mentor CM Punk has been in the AEW locker room and laments that stories like that don’t steal the headlines:

“I’m not gonna speak much on it because all that was perfectly put. But I’ll tell you this, what’s the better headline? ‘CM Punk goes into business for himself and shoots on somebody?’ Or, ‘CM Punk invites Will Hobbs into his locker room and explains to him for 30 minutes what he could have done to better himself for the match earlier?'”

“Or if the headline says, ‘CM Punk goes to Danhausen, who came to him and asked for advice, watched his match, and CM Punk gave him notes of advice on what he could do to better the match next time?’ Or if Brock Anderson says, ‘Hey, do you mind watching our tag match tonight?’ CM Punk sits there even though he’s got a busy night and watches it and says, ‘Hey, come into my locker room. Anybody else want to come into my locker room? Let’s talk about this.'”

“What’s the better headline? The more juicy headline is the one of him going into business for himself. Right now, I think I can safely say he’s one of our best friends because we all share the same passion for professional wrestling, and sometimes passion gets mistaken for being an asshole because you just want the best.”