“Jack Perry Was Not Happy” – Dax Harwood Recalls How People Felt When FTR Made AEW Debut

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Dax Harwood has revealed that some people in AEW were not that happy when FTR joined the company, including “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry.

When the FTR tag team of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler debuted in AEW on May 27, 2020, they came in with a reputation as a great tag team that was all about the tradition tag team pro wrestling. That meant using the tag team rope, making legal tags and cutting way back on illegal tag team offense that is present in today’s pro wrestling business.

As former WWE Raw, Smackdown and NXT Tag Team Champions when they were known as The Revival, they were also considered a big signing for AEW in the company’s second year.

On his new FTR Podcast on Adfreeshows, Dax Harwood recalled that some people in AEW didn’t really like FTR joining the company in 2020. That included “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, who was a younger tag team wrestler with Luchasaurus at the time.

“You know, a ton of guys were worried about that. But you know, I mean, that’s human nature. When something is going good, you want it to continue to go good. And when someone new, I mean, when me and Cash came into AEW, there weren’t very many people that were happy to see us there, man. I’m just being blunt and honest with you.”

“For example, he and I’ve talked about it, but Jack Perry was not happy to see us because he thought that me and Cash were going to come in and change up his whole style and, and try to make him someone he’s not. So you know, it’s not just CM Punk, it’s just whenever you have harmony and a lock room and things are going well, change is kind of hard for people. So yeah, there were a lot of people that were worried about it.”

Dax Harwood also spoke openly about his friendship with CM Punk, including what Punk told him after the AEW All Out backstage fight happened with Punk at the center of it.

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