Friend Of Jerry Lawler Feels “Very Optimstic” The King Will Recover From Stroke

Jerry Lawler

One of Jerry Lawler’s close friends has shared some good news about the wrestling legend.

Earlier today it was reported that 73-year-old Jerry Lawler was hospitalized after suffering a stroke. Updates continued to pour in throughout the day, with the most recent update coming from Dave Meltzer, who noted that while Lawler was alive, the stroke was said to have been “very serious”.

But now there appears to be some optimism coming from someone within Lawler’s inner circle. Dave Brown, a former meteorologist and close friend of Lawler’s, told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that he was able to FaceTime Lawler and left the interaction “very optimistic” about Lawler’s recovery.

“Some of the initial reports were just horrible, so I feel much better than I did 18 hours ago when I felt like I got hit in the face with a shovel.

I was incredibly encouraged after I did a FaceTime. Jerry was alert. He talked to me. He could only say a couple words at a time, which is pretty normal. But (he) was able to move both legs and both arms.”

Jerry Lawler has been involved with the pro-wrestling business for over fifty years. He debuted in 1970 and has wrestled at least one match per year every year since then.

Lawler’s most well-known health incident occurred over ten years ago when he suffered a heart attack on air during an episode of Monday Night RAW.

He later made a full recovery and has been contributing to WWE in various capacities ever since.