Former WWE Tag Team Champion Admits To Pouring “Every Bodily Fluid” Onto Sunny

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Admits To Pouring

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Mideon unveiled a shocking anecdote involving WWE Hall of Famer Sunny.

In an episode of “Six Feet Under with Mark Calaway” Mideon described how he, accompanied by his former tag partner Henry Godwinn, orchestrated the sequence of events that led to the infamous incident. They had prepared a slop bucket, traditionally filled with milk, bread, and lettuce, which was intended for Sunny. However, the situation took a shocking turn when the bucket ended up being filled with human bodily fluids, adding a disturbing element to the prank.

During the podcast, Mideon detailed how they strategically left the bucket unattended in the men’s locker room, enticing numerous members of the locker room to contribute to its contents.

Usually, the slop bucket was milk, bread and lettuce. So we find out we’re gonna slop Sunny, well Henry made it a little bit early so that we walked it into the locker room and set it right down in the middle of the locker room and said, ‘Listen, everyone, this is going on Sunny tonight don’t anyone mess with it.’

The duo then disappeared for two hours, leaving the bucket to accumulate its disturbing contents. Upon their return, Mideon and Henry discovered that the bucket had been almost filled with what Mideon described as “every bodily fluid probably was in it.”

And then we disappeared for two hours and came back and it was almost full. Every bodily fluid probably was in it.

Later that night, during a taping of Superstars, the bucket, now filled by numerous members of the locker room, was poured onto Sunny, marking the unfortunate and disgusting culmination of their prank.

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