Former WWE Superstar Reveals Why It Was Necessary To Hide Major Injuries

Former WWE Superstar Reveals Why It Was Necessary To Hide Major Injuries

Former WWE Superstar Stevie Richards shared insights into the challenges he faced with management during his tenure in the WWE.

In an interview with “Wrestling Shoot Interviews,” Richards detailed how wrestlers often felt compelled to conceal injuries to maintain their positions within the company.

Even with major injuries back then, you’d want to hide it because the spots were very protected. When you had something they were behind, like Right to Censor, you never asked for time off due to injury. You just never did it.

Richards also touched on the broader difficulties of addressing sensitive topics with upper management, noting that injuries were just one aspect of the issue. Wrestlers had to be cautious about who they voiced their concerns to, as it could lead to serious heat.

There are a lot of sensitive topics when you talk to someone in talent relations. If you go above JR [Jim Ross] and go to Vince [McMahon] with something, it can cause some heat because, much like in the military, there’s a chain of command. If you go to your agent, you have to trust that the agent will escalate the issue. But if they don’t and you go above the agent, it can put you in a difficult position.

He emphasised the unpredictability of what might cause heat, explaining that “anything and everything” could trigger negative reactions from management. The response often depended on Vince McMahon’s mood on a given day.

Anything and everything can cause heat, and you’ll never know until you’re sitting at home or you get squashed on TV. They test you on a lot of that stuff. The sensitive topics are really determined most of the time by how Vince wakes up that day.

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