Former WWE Superstar Reveals What Actually Happened When Goldberg And Chris Jericho Fought

Former WWE Superstar Reveals What Actually Happened When Goldberg And Chris Jericho Fought

In a recent revelation, former WWE and WCW wrestler Ernest Miller delved into the behind-the-scenes clash between wrestling icons Goldberg and Chris Jericho, providing a fresh perspective on the altercation.

Speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Miller recounted the incident with vivid detail, shedding light on the dramatic confrontation and hinting at the involvement of WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash. According to Miller, he sought insight from Nash, the lone witness to the showdown between Goldberg and Jericho. Nash, while tight-lipped about the specifics, hinted at Jericho gaining the upper hand by locking Goldberg in a headlock, indicating the intensity of the altercation without divulging further details.

I went to ask [Kevin] Nash, who was in there and I said ‘Nash, who won the fight?’ He said ‘Oh man, listen I don’t have nothing to do with that and I ain’t got nothing to say about this fight but I saw the whole fight’ I said ‘What happened?’ And he said ‘I’m not gonna say anything, but let’s just say Jericho got Goldberg in a headlock and Goldberg couldn’t get out.’

Describing the WWE backstage ambience akin to a high-stakes basketball game, Miller portrayed the altercation as a heated disagreement that escalated into a brief physical altercation. He stressed that while it didn’t escalate into a full-blown brawl, both wrestlers engaged in a momentary scuffle, with Jericho displaying remarkable restraint in handling Goldberg.

The backstage can get heated man it’s just like a basketball game when you see two professional teams with guys who play with each other all year and now they’re pushing and shoving each other. It wasn’t a fight it was just a disagreement and they just tied up and grabbed each other. Jericho was probably lucky that he could hold Goldberg because if Goldberg had gotten loose there would have been some damage,

When questioned about Nash’s role in the incident, Miller hinted at Nash’s knack for stoking tensions, likening him to a charismatic antagonist straight out of a cowboy movie. He suggested that Nash’s presence in the locker room often added a layer of intrigue, stirring up dynamics reminiscent of classic Western dramas.

Probably so that’s him in the locker room, he’s like the best bad guy I’ve ever seen. He’s like the guys you want to see in cowboy movies just sitting there stirring up things. He’s one of those guys.

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