Former WWE Superstar Reveals Origins Of A Famous Catchphrase

Former WWE Superstar Reveals Origins Of A Famous Catchphrase

Ernest Miller, a former WWE and WCW superstar, recently provided insights into the origins and significance of his iconic catchphrase, “Somebody call my momma,” while also addressing WWE’s reuse of his gimmick for Brodus Clay.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Miller shared the deeply personal inspiration behind his catchphrase, tracing it back to his upbringing and observations in his neighbourhood. Recalling instances where individuals, despite their bravado, would inevitably seek comfort from their mothers in times of distress, Miller infused his wrestling persona with the authenticity and emotional weight of these experiences.

I saw the biggest and the baddest guys around break under pressure.’ They told me ‘Hey I’m not afraid of anything, I can do this or do that.’ And then what happened when they got caught? The first person they want to call is their momma ‘Somebody call my momma, tell her to come and help me’

Describing how he witnessed even the toughest individuals break down and call for their mothers when faced with adversity, Miller emphasised the genuine emotion behind his catchphrase. He recounted poignant memories of witnessing formidable figures, including one who defiantly fought against multiple police officers, ultimately breaking down and crying out for their mothers as they faced consequences.

I always remember seeing the toughest guy in my neighbourhood fight with about eight cops, as soon as they got him in the car and were driving him off to jail with handcuffs on I remember him rolling the window down crying and sticking his head out the window shouting ‘Somebody call my momma and tell her to come get me.’

Reflecting on his wrestling persona, Miller highlighted that his gimmick was more than just dancing and clowning around—it was a representation of real-life experiences and emotions. Despite WWE repurposing his gimmick for Brodus Clay, Miller expressed understanding, acknowledging the potential effectiveness of the concept when executed properly.

I wasn’t surprised because it’s a good gimmick if you work it right. It’s not a dancing and clowning around gimmick, my gimmick was everything that came from the saying ‘Call my momma’ meant something, the James Brown dance meant something, all that stuff really meant something in my life and I was the one to introduce that to wrestling in WCW.

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