Former WWE Star’s Scathing Critique Of Bret Hart’s World Championship Reign

Former WWE Star's Scathing Critique Of Bret Hart's World Championship Reign

Before his passing in 2019, King Kong Bundy shared his scathing opinions on Bret Hart’s WWE Championship reign, labelling him as a “Horrible world champion.”

In an interview with Vince Russo from 2014, Bundy shared his opinions that wrestlers like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels were responsible for the downfall of the wrestling business, stating that they lacked the stature of grown men.

According to Bundy, Hart’s ego was out of control, and he appeared like a little kid in the wrestling ring, lacking the frame he expected from a world champion. Interestingly, Bundy revealed that he had once been friends with Hart and stayed at his house. However, his perspective on Hart changed when he returned to the WWE. Bundy stated:

The advent on the downfall of this business was champions like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Horrible world champions. Did not look like grown men in my opinion.

He also discussed reading Hart’s book and was astonished by the extent of his ego stating that it was “out of control”.

Which Current WWE Character Is Bret Hart Inspiring?

According to Dave Meltzer, Drew McIntyre’s current heel turn is largely inspired by Brer Hart’s heel turn in 1997. Hart portrayed an anti-U.S. character in 1997 and was booed by fans whenever he appeared in the States. However, whenever the company made a trip across the border to Canada Hart was cheered as the biggest hero on the show.

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