Former WWE Star Won’t Rule Out Return To The Company

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A former WWE star that had two separate runs in the company won’t rule out a return, which may excite some fans while making others groan loudly.

Recently, Eva Marie claimed “the door is always open” for a World Wrestling Entertainment return and she has expanded on those thoughts while speaking on her own YouTube channel.

Eva Marie worked for WWE initially from 2013 to 2017. When she was hired, she was immediately placed on the Total Divas reality show. She would go on to wrestle on NXT as well as the main roster, but she was also criticized heavily by fans throughout her run.

In June 2021, Eva Marie returned to Raw after several weeks of vignettes about the “Eva-lution” return. She was paired with Doudrop, who was kind of a bodyguard until she got sick of Eva, who was left on her own. Eva Marie lost a match to Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam 2021 and made her last appearance about a month later in September. She was released on November 4th, 2021.

While speaking on her own YouTube channel, Eva Marie addressed a potential WWE return.

“The talks of me coming back to WWE, it’s one of those things where, I know you guys want a yes or no answer, the truth is, it’s maybe. We have an ongoing relationship. I was just in talks with WWE Studios, talking about ideas and movies and TV. Obviously, that door is always open of potentially coming back. Who knows, Eva Marie could come back as a dark persona, dye my hair back to black. You never know.”

“That’s what is so beautiful about WWE, it’s a character, you’re creating something to entertain you guys. To give you a cut and dry answer, it’s a maybe. I always love WWE. The fact that I’m in talks with them right now and currently is amazing.”

H/t to Fightful