Why A Former WWE Star Faked His Father’s Heart Attack

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A WWE superstar from many years ago had an extreme reason for faking his father’s heart attack.

When WWE introduced its Wellness Policy in the aftermath of Eddie Guerrero’s death, many wrestlers were surprised by how comprehensive it was. And one of those people was Justin Credible, who was shocked when he learned that he had to take a drug test in 24 hours.

Worried that the test’s results would compromise his WWE career (this was during Credible’s mid-2000s run on the newly-relaunched ECW brand), Credible came up with an excuse for not being present, Credible faked a story that his father suffered a heart attack and “may have been dead”.

“I call [WWE agent] Tony Garea at the hotel that morning, like two, three [o’clock] in the morning,” Credible said. “We get it fixed to where I can fly out first thing in the morning to go home to be with my father who’s ‘had a heart attack and might be dead,’ which he’s like literally fine in bed.”

Credible went on to say on the Cheap Heat Productions Podcast that this lie led to a rather emotional and heartfelt conversation with Vince McMahon, who believed the story was true. And that conversation caused Credible so much guilt that it made him give up drugs for good.

“‘Hello, pal, I hear what happened to your father. I lost my father,'” Credible continued, quoting McMahon. “And goes on to talk about [that]. ‘Yes sir, yes sir, I’m sorry, sir.’

I’m just sitting there like, ‘Oh my f***ing God, what did I just do?’ It worked. I didn’t get in trouble. I didn’t have to go to towns. I missed Monday Night RAW that week, but wow.

Don’t do drugs, kids. Never did it again after that.”

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription