Former WWE Star On What Led To Their “Cocky” Reputation

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A former WWE Superstar has given their thoughts on why they were perceived as “cocky” backstage, saying there was confusion for people.

Lio Rush proved to be a popular addition to the Monday Night Raw roster during his time in WWE when he was added to the show as the hype man for Bobby Lashley. Encouraging Lashley to pose – sometimes in bizarre ways – for the WWE audience, Rush proved to be a useful ally for Lashley as during their time together The All Mighty star captured the Intercontinental Championship.

Rush and Lashley would split with Lio Rush sent to 205 Live where he became a star of the company’s cruiserweight division but rumours that he had heat in the locker room on the main roster continued to dog him.

Speaking on Say Less, Lio Rush says he thinks any uncertainty towards him in the locker room came from a place of confusion as many couldn’t reconcile the arrogant character they saw on screen with the quiet man Rush was backstage:

“Naturally, I’m a pretty quiet person and I feel like that’s where the confusion between people thinking, ‘Okay, is he like this?’ because I would be backstage just ready to do my thing. And people knowing that I’m 20, 22 years old, every opportunity that I’m getting I’m killing it — I don’t think I messed up a promo one time.”

“So I feel like it was hard for people to look at this loud, brash, arrogant character on screen, and look at me being quiet and reserved backstage. People were like ‘Oh man, this motherf*cker’s cocky.”

Lio Rush also discussed his release from WWE during his appearance on the show and says that perhaps he was a little too young for his role in the company at the time.

h/t Wrestling Inc.