Former WWE Star Says Relationship With Bret Hart Stopped His Push

Bret Hart WWE Hall of Fame

A former WWE Intercontinental Champion thinks his push in the company was put on hold after the Montreal Screwjob due to his friendship with Bret Hart.

Ken Shamrock enjoyed a successful run in WWE during the Attitude Era winning the Intercontinental Title as well as the WWE Tag Team Championship and the 1998 King of the Ring. But many fans believe the crossover MMA star could have achieved even more.

Speaking on VLAD TV, Ken Shamrock explained why he thinks he didn’t as he feels his push was stopped due to his relationship with Bret Hart in the wake of the notorious Montreal Screwjob in November 1997:

“The Screwjob happened and, from that point on, we started going downhill from there. I believe it was because I trained with Bret. I went to Calgary and worked out with them at Stu’s [Bret’s father] place, and I became close to that group.”

Shamrock then gave an account of his own experience in the locker room after the Screwjob took place and says he left the room when The Hitman allegedly punched Vince McMahon in the face:

“Bret came into the locker room, and I was in there with all those guys. Of course, when Vince went in there, he told everybody to leave, and of course, we all left, but that’s when Bret hit Vince. All that stuff happened, so I think I was kind of lumped in with the Canada connection, and they didn’t trust where we were going from that point in time.”

h/t Sportskeeda