Former WWE Star Backstage At AEW Dynamite

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A wrestler that hadn’t been in WWE in three years was seen backstage in AEW.

Jose Jorge Arriaga Rodriguez currently goes by the wrestling name Cinta de Oro, which is Spanish for “Golden Ribbon”.

However, longtime WWE fans might remember him for his tenure as Sin Cara in WWE.

And to avoid further confusion, he wasn’t the original Sin Cara who debuted to much fanfare in 2011 and was given a meteoric push as a sort of Rey Mysterio replacement.

That Sin Cara was played by Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde, better known in Mexico as Místico, Myzteziz, and Carístico.

The Sin Cara in question here, who was also known as Sin Cara Negro during his feud with “the original one”/Sin Cara Azul, wrestled in WWE from 2011 until December 2019.

Afterwards, he returned to Mexico and wrestled under the Sin Cara name and mask before switching to his current gimmick Cinta de Oro.

Oro’s felt that he was underappreciated in WWE, which is why he chose to visit the competition instead. He posted on Twitter that he visited AEW’s backstage area and had “a great night” thanks to AEW’s hospitality as he visited Dynamite this past week.

He also shared photos of himself with Claudio Castagnoli, Vickie Guerrero, and Penta el Zero Miedo.