Former WWE Star’s Grandson Stops School Shooting

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The grandson of the late WWE star Brian Pillman is set to be honoured after stopping a school shooting from taking place.

Jackson Swallen – also known as Boom – is the grandson of Brian Pillman and the nephew of current WWE NXT star Lexis King. Swallen’s heroic actions are set to be recognised by the Uvalde Foundation For Kids as he will be awarded their National Student Hero award after he thwarted a school shooting at Mariemont High School in Cincinnati.

A 14-year-old student at the school has been charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated murder and is accused of conspiring with an out-of-state adult in relation to the case. The student is said to have had access to a weapon at home as well as a “kill list” naming eight students and one teacher.

Swallen learned of the plan and despite being threatened to not tell anyone, he told his father Zach Swallen who then notified the police.

Zach Swallen spoke about his son’s actions noting that Jackson was not concerned about his own safety, putting that of others first:

The kid had the firearms and had a very elaborate plan and had every intention of carrying out that plan. My son, he doesn’t lie. He’s very literal, I could tell by his tone. And it was told to my son that if he disclosed anything about the plan to anybody, he would be shot and killed. But my son literally told me he didn’t care if he got killed as long as he could protect his classmates.

WWE Star Pays Tribute To Hero Nephew

Lexis King took to social media to pay tribute to his nephew noting he had inherited some of the athletic genes of former WWE star grandfather:

This is my nephew Jackson Swallen. As you can probably tell he’s got the genes of his late grandfather Flyin Brian Pillman! 15 years old and already a national hero, we are all so proud of him!!!

The founder of the Uvalde Foundation For Kids, Daniel Chapin praised Swallen and his father for their decisive action that helped prevent another tragedy:

This student who helped extinguish a possible threat to fellow students, represents the reality of how the climate of violence plaguing our nations schools and threatening student lives can come to an end — not through gun control or more safety planning meetings; but rather through alert, caring students such as this young man who refuse to stand by when a potential threat stands against their friends.

Swallen’s grandfather Brian Pillman is set to be celebrated by WWE after his estate signed a new deal with the company.