Former WWE Coach Was Almost Fired For Wearing Sweatpants By John Laurinatis

john laurinaitis wwe red suit

A former WWE coach shared a funny story recently about how John Laurinaitis nearly fired him due to what he was wearing at the office.

John Laurinaitis was in an executive position in WWE for most of the last two decades with a long-time role as the Head of Talent Relations. Laurinaitis, who used to wrestle as Johnny Ace, was fired from his job after being part of the scandal involving a former employee that led to Vince McMahon retiring as WWE’s Chairman.

Tom Prichard has had a long career in wrestling first as a successful wrestler that worked for WWE in many different roles (remember Zip of the Bodydonnas?) and later became WWE’s primary coach.

As a coach, Prichard was key in running different iterations of WWE’s developmental system including in 2007 when he became a coach for WWE. Prichard was in that role for about five years before getting released and then the NXT brand was eventually created as well as the WWE Performance Center.

While appearing as a guest on Story Time With Dutch Mantell, Prichard had an interesting story about Laurinaitis not liking the fact that Prichard wore sweatpants around the office.

“You know I had an office on the fourth floor, right? (…) I didn’t belong on the fourth floor. I wore my sweatsuit, my sweatpants, my gym clothes, my workout stuff because I figured I was a coach. And then John Laurinaitis saw me one time, ‘I need you to dress more professionally.’ So that was on a Friday and I knew he was going be on the road on Monday so guess what I came in wearing on a Monday, my sweatpants.”

The story continued with Prichard revealing that Laurinaitis called on Monday to ask what Tom was wearing.

“He called the office to check and see what I was wearing. He really did. And Andrew Russo put the call in to me. He says you got to call one whatever else I picked up, ‘hey Tommy, what are you wearing today?’ [imitating Laurinaites], he goes, ‘I can make it to where you could wear sweatpants every day if you want.’ I said, ‘no John, I understand.’ And I lived right around the corner from the office so I went home and changed.”

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