Former WWE Champion’s Initial Reaction to Vince McMahon’s Idea: “Is This A Joke?”

Former WWE Champion's Initial Reaction to Vince McMahon's Idea:

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Kenny Dykstra, renowned for his tenure as a member of the Spirit Squad faction, disclosed a surprising revelation regarding his initial reaction to Vince McMahon’s idea of forming a male cheerleader group.

In an interview with ESPN, Dykstra candidly shared his disbelief when McMahon pitched the unconventional concept to the group. Recounting the encounter, Dykstra revealed that McMahon confidently declared:

Guys, this is my idea. It’s gonna work because I’m telling you it will work. I want cheerleaders, male cheerleaders. There’s nothing that gets more heat than male cheerleaders.

Dykstra, initially taken aback, couldn’t help but question the authenticity of McMahon’s proposition, assuming it was an elaborate prank. However, McMahon swiftly reassured them, asserting that the plan would either triumph or result in their termination. Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, Dykstra recalled the moment when McMahon looked up, his face adorned with a mischievous smile, and uttered the words that would forever alter his trajectory:

You’re gonna be on RAW next week.

Which Other WWE Character Did Vince McMahon Pitch?

According to Val Venis, Vince McMahon pitched the X-rated WWE character to him after he had returned from a two-week WWE tryout camp in Mexico. Venis stated that McMahon called him at 7 am with Vince Russo also on the call and they pitched the character to him and Venis jumped at the opportunity to work on a massive platform with good-looking women.