Former WWE Champion Shares What They Think Is Wrestling’s Most Important Element

Former WWE Champion Shares What They Think Is Wrestling's Most Important Element

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston shared his insights on the most crucial elements of professional wrestling, emphasising the importance of storytelling and attention to detail.

Speaking on the “Battleground Podcast,” Kingston highlighted that while in-ring skills remain essential, the ability to craft compelling narratives has become paramount in the wrestling industry.

Kingston pointed out a significant shift towards prioritising the stories that unfold within wrestling, noting that captivating storytelling, rather than just showcasing impressive moves, truly engages and invests the audience. He stated:

There’s really a focus on the stories that are going on, and we’ve always talked about how the most important element in wrestling is the stories. Going out there and doing cool moves is awesome, but what really invests people is the ability to tell a good story.

To illustrate his point, Kingston referenced the journey of current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Cody Rhodes. Rhodes’ transformation from being perceived as a mid-card talent to returning as a main eventer after leaving WWE highlights the power of a compelling personal story in garnering fan investment and loyalty. Kingston remarked:

You think about Cody Rhodes. The guy who was really, I don’t want to say run out of this company but wasn’t looked at as a top guy, as a star. So he left on his own accord, bet on himself, he came back, and now he’s on top of the world. That’s what gets people to invest in the product and keeps people coming back.

Kingston further elaborated on the enduring appeal of engaging storylines in wrestling, comparing them to the structure of television shows with their seasons, episodes, and breaks. He stressed the significance of maintaining and evolving these narratives to sustain audience interest and participation.

Also, credit has to be given to the ability to keep that story going on TV. Shows have seasons, they have episodes, there are breaks. Sports have breaks, you know, with WWE, the wheel keeps on turning.

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