Former WWE Champion Reveals Details About An Infamous Public Fight

Former WWE Champion Reveals Details About An Infamous Public Fight

Al Snow, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, unveiled riveting details revolving around a legendary public scuffle involving Steve Blackman and Bradshaw.

This much-publicised confrontation took place in 1998, during the time of WWE’s famed Brawl for All tournament. In a candid conversation with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Al Snow narrated how Bradshaw, infamous for his rowdy demeanour, consistently taunted Blackman at airports. He would recklessly charge towards Blackman while jestingly yelling “Ten points!”, subsequently knocking him to the ground.

Bradshaw was double-legging Steve in the airport screaming ‘Ten points’ and running away and goosing him.

Despite Blackman’s relentless appeals for Bradshaw to stop his obnoxious behaviour, the provocation continued. This provocation resulted in Blackman reaching the limit of his patience, leading to an intense face-off. Reportedly, Blackman retaliated by landing multiple punches to Bradshaw’s face.

I look up and I see Bradshaw. He’s behind Steve. And he goose’s him and Steve turns around and cuts promo on him and he does it again. Blackman spins, hits him with a back fist right here underneath the right eye, and follows it with a left and hits the exact same spot. Bradshaw staggers back and grabs Blackman’s shirt. Blackman just proceeds with his left hand to continuously pelt the exact same spot.

The skirmish was only interrupted when Snow, along with fellow WWE superstar Darren Drozdov, stepped in to separate the duelling wrestlers. Following the airport brawl, Bradshaw attempted to make amends with Blackman, who was still seething with anger.

It was then that Blackman laid out his terms – a public apology from Bradshaw, to be delivered in front of the entire WWE crew during mealtime. Only then would he consider burying the hatchet.

And Bradshaw goes ‘What do I need to do?’ And Steve goes ‘You’re going to stand up in catering. And you’re going to apologise to me in front of everybody. Because if you don’t, and you stutter, you take a misstep. I’m gonna beat you’re a** in front of everybody.’

Bradshaw adhered to Blackman’s conditions, apologising publicly in the catering area amidst the WWE crew and personnel. Upon hearing Bradshaw’s apology, Blackman decided to forgive him, thereby diffusing the tension that surrounded the event.

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