Former WWE Champion Exposes Botch That May Have Been On Purpose

Former WWE Champion Exposes Botch That May Have Been On Purpose

Former WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool opened up about a controversial incident involving WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix, accusing her of deliberately causing a concussion during a match.

During an Instagram Live interview, McCool detailed the incident, alleging that Phoenix failed to unhook her arms while executing a Glam Slam, leading to McCool suffering a concussion. Expressing surprise at Phoenix’s actions, McCool pointed out that Phoenix, with her wealth of experience, should have known how to execute the move safely.

Well, she didn’t unhook my arms. Don’t know why? She definitely knew how because she’d had plenty of matches, and ended up giving me a concussion.

Adding another layer to the controversy, McCool revealed that years later, Phoenix made a comment about the incident in a WWE magazine. This revelation left McCool realizing that Phoenix was well aware of the consequences of her actions.

I actually let it go and then years after that in the WWE magazine she made a comment about it and I was like ‘Oh so she did know what she did, okay.’

Responding to recent fan inquiries, McCool explained that Phoenix’s cryptic response to questions on social media hinted at “more to the story.” Taking matters into her own hands, McCool reached out to Phoenix privately, seeking clarification and expressing her desire to understand the full context of the event.

But I guess just a couple of weeks ago on Twitter people posted that finish so that led to a lot of people asking… I reached out personally, not on social media, not to blast it to millions and millions of fans, basically saying ‘I would love to know the rest of the story.’

In addition to discussing the Phoenix incident, McCool shed light on the challenges she faced in the wrestling industry, attributing some of the backlash to her relationship with The Undertaker. McCool suggested that Phoenix’s actions might have been influenced by public perceptions and personal biases.

What Did Michelle McCool Think About Retiring From WWE?

Michelle McCool stated that it “broke my heart” to retire from WWE. She stated that grew up loving the wrestling business and she fought for her spot on the card.

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