Former WWE Champion Accuses Vince McMahon Of Misinformation

Former WWE Champion Accuses Vince McMahon Of Misinformation

Former WWE Tag Team Champion Taz recently opened up about feeling misled by Vince McMahon during his tenure with the company.

In an interview on the Talk Is Jericho podcast hosted by Chris Jericho, Taz shared his frustrations regarding McMahon’s vision for him, which diverged from what was initially discussed before his signing.

Taz was careful to clarify that he didn’t believe McMahon intentionally deceived him but rather felt that he had been given misinformation about the direction his character would take in the WWE. Reflecting on his initial meeting with McMahon, Taz recounted how they had extensive discussions about various aspects of his role, including financial considerations and the identity of his character.

However, upon joining the company, Taz was surprised to discover that McMahon held a different vision for him.

When I first met with Vince McMahon, we had this great meeting in a conference room at a hotel on a Wednesday afternoon because it was a secret since I was the top guy in ECW. He knew me and the character. He saw the FTW on my wrist, but he said that he didn’t know we could do FTW, but that was the only thing. My concern was whether or not I could be me. I don’t want to say Vince McMahon lied to me, but he had a different vision for me once I was there.

Which WWE Legend Claims Vince McMahon Lied To Them?

Jesse Ventura spoke about Vince McMahon lying about wrestlers’ pay. Ventura stated that McMahon had said that the WWE didn’t pay royalties for VHS tapes. However, Ventura later found out that only a select few people were being paid royalties for the VHS tapes and successfully sued the company over the royalty payments.

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