Former WWE Writer Questions If John Cena Breaking World Title Record Is Important

John Cena

A former writer for WWE doesn’t want to see John Cena in the title picture again.

John Cena was a full-time wrestler in WWE from 2002 to 2017, after which he became a part-timer. Cena’s biggest career accomplishment is his 16 reigns as either WWE or World Heavyweight Champion, which puts him on the same number of world title reigns as Ric Flair.

And with WrestleMania season around the corner, speculation has already begun over whether John Cena could – and should – return to WWE and in what capacity.

But one person that doesn’t want to see Cena in the title picture is Vince Russo. The former head writer for WWE has been a controversial figure for many years with his ‘car crash’ style of presentation and a less “traditional” philosophy surrounding titles, title matches, and title changes.

On a recent episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, Russo and EC3 discussed several questions surrounding a potential WWE return for John Cena. EC3 was pessimistic about such a match because he thinks that John Cena wouldn’t come back to WWE for one night to lose:

“What is the marque match with him? Like, who is on the come-up? Like, who is going to be that guy that does have to lose, and the world goes, ‘Oh, John Cena ruined his push,’ or maybe he just wasn’t ready yet?

Russo was even more pessimistic, saying that he doesn’t want to see Cena wrestling at all. He argued that a return to WWE would make Cena “go from box-office attraction to b-movie star.”

Other fans think that the only reason Cena would return to WWE would be to break his 16-world-title-reign tie with Flair. But again, Russo questioned whether anyone would even care about such an accomplishment:

“I just got to ask the question, and I’m just being honest here, like, ’cause I don’t know. Does that really matter to anybody [the record]?”

Although Russo doesn’t want to see Cena wrestling at WrestleMania 39, much less for the world title, there has been at least one report that suggests WWE is interested in having Cena wrestle at the event, especially since it’s emanating from Hollywood.

h/t Sportskeeda and Inside The Ropes for the transcription