Former WCW Star’s Reaction To Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchika Okada

Former WCW Star's Reaction To Kenny Omega Vs. Kazuchika Okada

Both Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada’s impact on the modern style of professional wrestling is indisputable.

Their exceptional athleticism and versatility have significantly influenced the evolution of wrestling matches. Their ability to seamlessly blend hard-hitting action with technical prowess and dramatic storytelling has set a new standard for in-ring performance.

Former WCW wrestler Scott Norton spoke to Wrestling Shoot Interviews where he recalled seeing the two wrestle live, decades after he had become a big star in his own right in Japan.

“When I watched that match live in the locker room of the Tokyo Dome, I did not turn my head from the TV. For the whole time. It was amazing…”

The match in question was Kenny Omega Vs. Kazuchika Okada.; the final match of the eleventh annual Wrestle Kingdom event in 2017.

“I’ll never say anything about what they’re doing now. But from the “strong style” New Japan had us doing… totally different”.

Also known as “Flash” Norton, Scott Norton was a distinguished professional wrestler renowned for his formidable presence and imposing strength during the 1990’s.

“I said “It’s more like Cirque du Soleil”. They had so many high spots and so much more this stuff in the air… Flippin’ around and flying over the top into this and into that… And y’know, I was just a different wrestler.”

“Flash” explained that he was being overly critical in his evaluation.

“It doesn’t matter what it is if it draws. And they definitely draw.”

The following day, Norton was on the losing end against Kenny Omega in a ten-man tag team match. Born in 1960’s Minnesota, Norton rose to prominence as a dominant force in the world of professional wrestling. Throughout his illustrious career, he achieved notable success in various wrestling promotions, including NJPW and WCW.

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