Former WCW Star Discusses Claims That Ultimate Warrior Was A Sex Worker

Former WCW Star Discusses Claims That Ultimate Warrior Was A Sex Worker

Missy Hyatt, known for her work as a valet in WCW and ECW, has made a shocking claim about the early career of the Ultimate Warrior, suggesting that he might have engaged in sex work.

This revelation came during an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, where Hyatt shared details learned through her friendship with Shari Tyree, the Ultimate Warrior’s ex-wife.

Hyatt recounted her time working alongside Tyree at a club in Atlanta. She revealed that Warrior was featured in magazines, advertising his services to pose and be photographed for money.

Shari and I were really good friends, but she ended up filing for divorce because he [Warrior] was in a magazine, and you could pay him, and he would come, and you could take pictures of him and he’d bodybuild, it was one of those kinds of things.

According to Hyatt, Tyree discovered Warrior’s involvement in similar activities with women, which led to significant marital strife. Tyree was initially upset and filed for divorce but eventually reconciled with Warrior.

So she found out, it was okay to do it with men, but she found out he was doing it with women so she got really upset and she filed for divorce but then they came back together again.

When pressed on whether these photoshoots ever crossed the line into sex work, Hyatt’s response was ambiguous.

I don’t know. That’s what Shari thought. Shari thought that he was, so that’s why she originally filed for divorce. But then they got back together again.

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