Former NXT Star Wants NJPW Gold


Former NXT star Sarray – now known as Sareee – has revealed that her sights are set on going after the IWGP Women’s Championship following her WWE exit.

Speaking to Monthly Puroresu, Sareee explained why she doesn’t see her time in WWE as a failure and noted that a lot of things change when a change of management happens in a company as was seen when Triple H took over creative duties following the retirement of Vince McMahon:

“I’m really happy I went. I gained a lot of knowledge, I suppose. I did learn a lot while I was in the United States. I wasn’t able to bring my entire wrestling repertoire to the WWE, but I have absolutely no regrets about going. It wasn’t at all a failure,”

“Since it is a large organization, there are many diverse characters, and a lot of things change whenever the top management changes. I traveled to the U.S. and other countries since I was unable to give my fight my all. As a result, the number of new admirers who came to support me has significantly increased. I wanted to demonstrate my strength to the fullest extent possible.”

As for her future, Sareee has taken notice of the IWGP Women’s Championship previously held by Mercedes Mone as something she wants to go after:

“Since Mr. Inoki invented the initial IWGP belt, I’m curious about it. After having returned to Japan, it’s one of the belts I want to pursue. Without a doubt, I want to roll it up. But to find out if that happens I’ll have to wait.”

Since leaving WWE, Sareee has only competed in two matches and picked up a win teaming with Aja Kong against Mika Iwata and Mio Momono at the Hana Kimura Memorial show on the 23rd of May.