Former Champion Expected To Make WWE Return

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A former champion in WWE who competes in TNA is likely returning to World Wrestling Entertainment soon, according to a new report.

It has been reported by Fightful Select that the current TNA Knockouts Champion Trinity, who was known as Naomi in WWE, is expected to return to the company very soon.

The report from Fightful notes that Trinity is going to be a free agent very soon although no specific date was provided. Trinity debuted in Impact on April 28 and would go on to win the Knockouts Title at Slammiversary in July.

At TNA Hard to Kill, which is set to take place on January 13th, Trinity will defend her Knockouts Title against Jordynn Grace. Fightful’s report says that they don’t know if Trinity will drop her title at that show and go to WWE right after that or if there is some other plan. Trinity’s title reign has lasted over 160 days.

It was also mentioned that WWE sources felt like they would sign Trinity to return to the company in January 2023, but it didn’t happen perhaps due to the hiring freeze that existed due to WWE’s sale to Endeavor. Even though it didn’t happen in January 2023, there were sources within the company that expected Trinity/Naomi to return.

A source Fightful that: “Something huge would have to happen for her to not end up back in WWE sooner than later, but this is a crazy free agent period.”

Trinity Fatu Has A Long History In WWE As Naomi

In May 2022, Trinity and Mercedes Mone (aka Sasha Banks) walked away from WWE due to being unhappy there. At the time, they were the Women’s Tag Team Champions. A lot has changed since then because Vince McMahon was running the company creatively at the time, but Vince is out of the picture now and Triple H is the man in charge.

As Naomi, Trinity Fatua was a two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion, she won the WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal in 2018 and won the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Sasha Banks as well. She had a lengthy 13-year career in World Wrestling Entertainment before the 2022 departure.

Trinity’s husband is WWE superstar Jimmy Uso, who is part of The Bloodline stable and one-half of the legendary Usos brother tag team.