Former AEW Star “Unheard” In The Company

AEW logo over blurred Nightmare Collective

A former AEW star has claimed that they were unheard in the company and never had the chance to make the splash that they had hoped.

Awesome Kong made her AEW debut at Double Or Nothing in 2019 as a surprise entrant into a Four Way match that was ultimately won by Dr. Britt Baker DMD.

Kong was partnered with Brandi Rhodes on-screen in the company and the two became the cornerstone of the ill-fated group known as The Nightmare Collective. With the group receiving a poor reception, it was dropped in early 2020 and Awesome Kong was not seen again on AEW screens despite her contract with the company not ending until the summer of 2021.

Speaking now on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, the former 2-time TNA Knockouts Champion explained how she felt during her time in AEW:

“I don’t want to sound like I’m bashing the crew over there at AEW, especially since we were just up and running. We are all new executives and trying to think outside the box and really give it to y’all. Something new, something that hasn’t been seen. We’ve seen it all. We were trying to give you something that you haven’t seen. I felt unheard. I wasn’t in control.”

“All I could do was say, ‘I have this idea of XYZ.’ I couldn’t get in the room where final decisions were made. Believe me, Kia [referring to her real name Kia Stevens] stalked that room. I would stay there after big meetings and pick up the water bottles and cups like, ‘Huh, Y’all need…you need me to go? Okay’ [Laughs]. I tried to get into that last meeting where decisions were made.”

“Never had a chance to. ‘That’s just not going to happen, so I’m not going to push it.’ When you see this [makes a box with her hands] is who they are comfortable with making decisions, that’s not a read or a critique, that’s just who was comfortable making decisions. What do you do? It’s out of my control. If I had control, give me 15 minutes of Kia. Kia’s 15 Minutes of Fame. ‘Go out there and steal the show from them boys. You, you, you. Nyla (Rose), go steal the show from the boys.’”

h/t Fightful