Bruce Prichard On If WWE Presented Floyd Mayweather Correctly At WrestleMania 24

floyd mayweather big show wrestlemania 24

When Floyd Mayweather faced Big Show at WrestleMania 24, WWE wanted Floyd as a babyface even though the fans didn’t necessarily see it that way.

At WrestleMania 24 in 2008, one of the biggest matches at the show was a matchup between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in the prime of his career facing off against Big Show. The big story going into the match was the size difference since Show weighed 441 pounds and Mayweather weighed 159 pounds. At least those were the numbers that were announced.

The match between Floyd Mayweather and Big Show was a No Disqualification Match that saw Floyd bring several friends to ringside to help him out during the match. It ended up being a victory for Floyd, who used a steel chair during the match and finished off Show with a knockout punch while Floyd had a chain on his hand.

What was interesting about the match is that Floyd was positioned as the babyface since he was the smaller guy, yet he acted like a heel a lot and the fans really didn’t support him that much. Big Show was clearly in the heel role in the match.

On a recent episode of his Something To Wrestle podcast about WrestleMania 24, WWE’s Executive Director Bruce Prichard spoke about how Floyd Mayweather was presented at the time.

“That Mayweather was a star. Mayweather was a megastar, didn’t matter whether they cheered him or booed him. They cared about him and they reacted to what he did. So, to traditional -— the experts, if you will, in the field of, ‘Oh wow he’s working with a heel, he’s got to be a heel.’ No, he’s working with a star and it’s two stars kind of colliding. One’s a giant, one’s a little tiny midget — Mayweather was a star. Big Show was a star.”

“And when you think about the pairing of those two here, you have a seven foot giant and then you have a guy who’s maybe five eight. So, the most famous boxer in the world at this point in time and probably the best pure boxer that I’ve ever seen in my life and then you’ve got a giant. So, it was a great dichotomy it’s like ‘oh my God here’s Big Show and here’s Mayweather’ and they’re going eyeball to belly button.”

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