The First Stars Tony Khan Would Induct In An AEW Hall Of Fame

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan says there are no plans yet to launch an AEW Hall of Fame but if one ever did become a reality he knows who would go in first.

Since 2019 AEW has disrupted the pro wrestling world becoming the number two promotion in the entire world with a talent roster that rivals any in history. While the company has had its fair share of teething problems, it was smacked in the face with stark reality in December 2020 when tragedy struck.

Mr. Brodie Lee passed away in late 2022 after suffering from a debilitating lung disease. Tony Khan has lavished praise on the man known as Luke Harper in WWE and has frequently referred to him as the greatest TNT Champion in AEW history.

Just days before Lee’s death, WWE Hall of Famer Sting made his shock debut in AEW. Over the next three years, Sting had an incredible run in a tag team with Darby Allin that culminated in them winning the AEW Tag Team Championship. Sting brought the curtain down on his career with one final match at Revolution in 2024 that saw Sting and Allin retain their gold in a wild bout against The Young Bucks.

Tony Khan Has Not Discussed AEW Hall Of Fame

Speaking to ComicBook Nation, Tony Khan singled out Mr. Brodie Lee and Sting as the first two stars to be inducted should an AEW Hall of Fame ever take shape – something Khan stresses there have been no discussions about:

We have never talked about a Hall of Fame. Sting is one of the most important people in the history of the wrestling business and certainly one of the most important people ever in AEW.

If we ever do an AEW Hall of Fame, certainly the first two people that come to mind that we would have to honor would be Sting and Mr. Brodie Lee. Two of the greatest champions and two of the greatest people we’ve had in AEW. Very different circumstances, but those would be the first two people that come to my mind.

In addition to those two stars who made their mark in AEW, Tony Khan also touted someone who never was able to compete in the company for such an honor:

Somebody that never got to wrestle in AEW that I also feel very strongly about who needs to be talked about and honored is Jay Briscoe, who I always wanted to bring in to AEW.

He was my friend and friends with a lot of people in the locker room and one of the greatest wrestlers I ever worked with and produced. Jay Briscoe is someone very important to all of us, even though he never got the chance to wrestle in AEW. I do think Sting and Mr. Brodie Lee would be great people to build any Hall of Fame class around.

Jay Briscoe died in January 2023 following a car accident. Briscoe was not allowed to appear on AEW TV at the behest of Warner Bros Discovery who were unhappy with historic homophobic Tweets that Briscoe had long since apologised for.

As a result of Jay Briscoe’s death, his brother and tag team partner Mark Briscoe joined the AEW roster where he continues to compete and carry on Dem Boys legacy.

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