Finn Balor Admits The Demon’s Not Been Used Well In WWE

The Demon Finn Balor

Finn Balor might be having all sorts of success with The Judgment Day but the question of him embracing The Demon is never far away.

Balor has used his Demon persona in WWE on several occasions but since he returned to NXT in 2019, it has been used more sparingly in the company.

The last time The Demon competed was at WrestleMania 39 in the Hell In A Cell match against Edge and so far it is the only time Balor has unleashed his dark alter ego since joining The Judgment Day and there could be a good reason for that.

Finn Balor Not Thrilled With The Demon’s Use In WWE

Speaking on the What’s the Story? podcast, Finn Balor was asked about resurrecting The Demon once again and he admitted that character wasn’t used well by WWE in the last few years:

I’d love to work with The Wyatt Sick6. I feel like we could do some cool sh*t there… I would like to keep Finn as a heel and The Demon as the babyface and not blur the lines at all. But it’s so hard and I feel like The Demon’s kind of something that we haven’t executed very well the last couple years and I’d rather not do it than do it in a way that I’m not happy with so, and look, in six years time, they can throw me out there in Demon paint and I’ll do the entrance.

But now, Finn’s having too much fun and I feel like I can give a lot more layers as a heel Finn than The Demon. The Demon’s just very straight-forward. He’s like a bulldozer. He just goes straight for the kill, where Finn’s a little bit more sneaky and there’s more story arcs you can tell with Finn versus a supernatural Demon.

A remarkably honest Finn Balor also revealed the lowest point of his career as he discussed his battles with insecurity.

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