Finn Balor Details Injury That Almost Cost Him WrestleMania Match

Finn Balor

At WrestleMania 39 Finn Balor brought The Demon back to WWE as he went to war with Edge inside Hell In A Cell.

The Judgment Day’s battle with the WWE Hall of Famer had raged for the best part of a year and in SoFi Stadium, it looked to finally be put to bed once and for all with Edge picking up a huge win.

The match came at a cost for Balor who received medical attention during the match and ended up with 14 staples in his head. However, he was lucky to even make it to the match in the first place.

Finn Balor took to social media to detail the injury that almost cost him his place on the grandest stage of them all as he paid tribute to those that got him through it:

“Road to wrestlemania

On March 10th Ep of Smackdown I sustained a grade 2 calf tear.
Normal recovery time is estimated at 6-8 weeks.
Hold my beer!
With just 3 weeks & 2 days to Wrestlemania WWE medical team ‘threw the kitchen sink at it’ & with some careful planning, long days of rehab and a lot of swear words we made it back in time with a day or two spare!

My wife said it best. ‘This injury has been the Demon of your career, and you need to over come this Demon to Release YOUR DEMON at Wrestlemania’ @verolaguera

Special thanks to CJ for his incredible work ( and not taking a day off for 3 weeks)

Extra mention to @docholmes & @athleanx for all their support.”