Finn Balor Details Bloody Moment At WrestleMania 39

The Demon Finn Balor WrestleMania

Finn Balor has revealed how the doctors reacted during his match with Edge at WrestleMania 39 which saw the Demon requiring 14 staples.

Balor competed against the WWE Hall of Famer in a very physical Hell In A Cell Match that brought to an end a long feud that had begun after Balor and the rest of The Judgment Day turned on Edge, their former leader.

During the WrestleMania 39 match, Balor suffered a deep cut that led to WWE officials requesting medical advice before the match could continue.

Ahead of Money In The Bank, the first-ever WWE Universal Champion appeared on After The Bell with Corey Graves.

During the interview, Balor discussed what happened during his infamous bout with Edge at WrestleMania 39.

Balor was in need of 14 staples due to a cut he suffered during the match, and has now shared how doctors reacted to his desire to be stapled and carry on the match.

So let me talk you through it. So I turn around, and I see a ladder hurtling towards my face. I go Oh, great, here we go. So this is all in slow motion, like, you know, the matrix slows down. Like I’m like Keanu Reeves I’m like, I’m gonna stop this.

But as the ladders coming, the ladder comes through my hands. It’s not like a chair or a book that’s been thrown at you, just sort of the step comes straight through here and the rungs of the ladder here. So it just keeps coming towards me. But my brain can’t understand why the ladder is still coming towards me because I have my hands up trying to stop it. But it’s coming through my hands.

And all of a sudden, it’s almost like my forehead, I just dropped my forehead, things around the top of the head, and I wasn’t too bad actually. So like, I’m kind of sitting upright, and just like just a little bit of blood, on the tip of my finger, just a little scratch.

So I turn over onto all fours. So my head is kind of down and just see drip, drip, drip. And the ref goes Finn, you’re busted open, dude. I say yeah, no, it’s just a little blood, I’m fine. And like, I can see him like getting in and looking closer. And he goes, dude this is a big one. I’m like, I’m fine. It’s WrestleMania, I’m fine.

He goes they are telling me in my earpiece, we’re gonna have to stop the match, go talk to the doctor. So like a crawl over to the doctor, the doctor is trying to like get in the cell because the cells are locked and stuff, you know. So peek out over the edge of the apron and I look at the doc, I say hey, is it bad? He goes it’s real bad! Sounds like it’s a lot worse than I thought. So I go what are we gonna do? She goes I’m going to staple it, I’m trying to stay in character going like staple it! Staple it!.

So at this point, the doctors are laughing because they don’t know what the hell is wrong with this guy. He’s going staple it!. Because I don’t want to like [lose interest], this is Wrestlemania. And I don’t want people to like, lose sight of the fact that this is a big match. And I don’t want me to come out of character. I don’t want the people to lose interest.

So I’m trying to like stay in character. He goes, Okay, this might hurt. I said, I don’t care, just put the staples in. I want to go back to work. So she goes pap one, pap two, pap three. So I looked at her. I said, Doc, can I go back to work? She says, Yeah, I think you’re good. And then I just slipped back into the ring. And we go back to business.

But that’s, that’s what happened. I finished the match with three staples in my head. We finished the match. We cleaned it up, and it was full 14 staples in there the next day.

Last night Finn Balor was looking to secure the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and close a chapter on his history with Seth Rollins.

But despite pushing Rollins close, Balor was distracted by a fellow member of The Judgment Day, and 2023 Men’s Money In The Bank Winner Damien Priest.

With Damien Priest winning a contract allowing him a match with any WWE Champion, at a moment of his choosing, fans can expect plenty of tension to build between Priest and Balor over the coming weeks.

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