Fan Was Nearly Hit By Ladder At NXT Halloween Havoc

Halloween Havoc

Things nearly got very bad at WWE NXT Halloween Havoc.

On Saturday night at WWE’s NXT Halloween Havoc Premium Live Event, Von Wagner took part in NXT North American Championship ladder match. Also in the five-way bout with Wagner was former champion Carmelo Hayes, Oro Mensah, Nathan Frazer, and the winner and new champion Wes Lee.

While the match was going on, Wagner tried to put the ladder between the ring and barricade, right in front of the crowd in attendance. While brawling with Mensah outside of the squared circle, Wagner nearly hit a female fan with the ladder.

Quickly, the professional wrestling community took to Twitter to give their reactions to the nearly-botched spot by Wagner. Some found the situation funny, however, most fans that expressed their opinion were very negative towards Wagner and accused him of being unsafe.

That wasn’t the only thing that Wagner did in the match either that was considered unsafe. Right before Wes Lee would officially become the new NXT North American Champion, Wagner threw Lee out of the squared circle, which would also anger some fans.

At the end of the day, nobody was physically hurt by Wagner, so technically, nothing was done by him, nor WWE. Overall, it was a successful Halloween Havoc for the sports entertainment giant.