Ex-WWE Writer Recalls Shane McMahon Helping Them Throw Up

Shane McMahon with security

A former WWE writer has recounted Shane McMahon helping them in an unusual way during their early days in the company.

Shane McMahon has just about done it all in WWE during his life with the company and began appearing on-screen in the late eighties as a referee. A decade later, McMahon was back on-screen but this time as the son of hated WWE owner Vince McMahon. Shane McMahon proved a natural character and an in-ring career beckoned.

The younger McMahon’s career will always be defined by his high-risk moves and wild stunts that have seen him leap off the Titantron as well as Hell In A Cell. But Shane McMahon is not without his caring side.

Speaking to Steve Fall for, former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz recalled being comforted by Shane McMahon after a flight left him feeling less than ideal during his early days with the company:

“We had a show I think in either Rochester or Buffalo. This was so early. This was before WWE had a corporate jet, which they pretty much obtained in 2000. So this is probably late ’99. I had just started, and even though it was a very fast flight from Rochester to New York, I think I had a breakfast sandwich beforehand, and it was one of those landings, and so it was a really bumpy landing. I was really super queasy as we rode in a limo back to Stamford.

“It was me, Shane, Bruce Prichard, and Jim Ross. J.R. and Bruce, even though I love them dearly today and liked them at the time, love them now. You know, they’re seeing the new kid looking green in the car. J.R. was like, ‘What did you have? Did you have one of them biscuits, one of them eggs, biscuits and bacon?’ Like, just really, really, you know, pouring it on where I had to just ask them to pull over and go out into a snowbank, and essentially, this is disgusting, but basically, I had to throw up.

“It was just a bad, bad scene. I’m like, wow, I was riding high writing on an NBC sitcom just a year and a half ago, and now I’m on a ditch somewhere in Connecticut throwing up into a bank of snow. Without even looking up, I felt a pat on my back, going like, ‘You Okay? Get it all out. You’re gonna be alright. It’s going to be okay. Don’t worry about them. It’s all good.’

“I looked up and it was Shane. Being like that presence of like, hey, yes, we’re all alike, you know, it’s a rib, dog eat dog world, but I’m here. You’re fine. It’s like a little moment. I mean, yes, Shane McMahon in his life of over 50 years, if you ask him his fondest memories, I’m sure patting me on the back on an embankment in Connecticut while I’m vomiting is probably not one of his top 100 memories, but it it meant a lot to me. I remember, like, hey, this guy’s all right.”

When was Shane McMahon last in WWE?

Shane McMahon last appeared on WWE screens in an infamous moment at WrestleMania 39. McMahon appeared to challenge his former tag team partner The Miz to an impromptu match but seconds into the bout disaster struck when McMahon suffered a torn quad.

The Miz was joined by Snoop Dogg during his appearances at WrestleMania and to save the segment Snoop Dogg filled in and took McMahon’s place, picking up an unlikely win over the former WWE Champion.